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General Purpose Surface Pumps >> Split Case Centrifugal Pumps-KPS

Performance Range:
Max. Head: 150m
Max. Flow Rate: 18000 m3/h
Discharge Size: 100 to 1000mm

Operating Limits:
Max. Ambient Temperature: 40

Brief Introduction
KPS Series Double Suction Horizontal Split Casing Centrifugal Pumps are developed by using the latest 3D CAD and CFD techniques. KPS pumps are of robust, energy saving, low fluctuation in head and capacity, low noise and easy maintenance.
KPS Pumps are used for delivering clean water or light corrosive liquid with minor solid particles and short length fibers. KPS pumps are wide used in the following applications: municipal water supply, fire fighting, air conditioning, circulation, boiler feed, irrigation, etc., especially in water supply plant, power plant, paper mill, steel plant, chemical and petrochemical, farming. When the pump’s wetted parts are made in duplex stainless steel(such as Din 1.4460) or coated with SEBF(Super Epoxy Bond Fusion)coating, the pumps can be used for delivering sea water and other type of liquids with medium corrosiveness.

Product Features
1. Hydraulic Design
The hydraulic design of the impeller and volute casing are achieved by using latest 3D CAD and CFD software, followed by RP techniques for sand casting to verify the designs. Then the metallic patterns are prepared via CNC machining directly from drawing in electronic format. All these efforts guarantee KPS pumps’ excellent hydraulic performances which are normally 2~7 percentage points higher in efficiency than the common pumps of the same size in the market.  High efficiency of the pumps demand smaller motors, so KPS pumps save money for customers not only in the operation cost and also in the buying cost when pump and motor being taken into consideration together.
2. Low fluctuation in head and capacity
The impeller is of double suction design. Furthermore, the impeller has alternating vanes on the left hand suction side and on the right hand suction side, thus making the fluctuation in head and capacity during operation much lower than the usual design.
3. Two Side Drive
The KPS pumps have shaft extension in both the right hand side and the left hand side. This means the pump could be driven from either side, giving more flexibility to customers’ installation arrangement.
4. Rotor Balancing
Rotors are dynamic balanced in conform to ISO 1940/1 G6.3 before assembled into pumps.
5. Various Shaft Seal Option
Pack gland, single mechanical seal, double mechanical seals are available. Customers to specify in inquiry/order
6. Various Material Options for the wetted parts
Wetted Parts could be made in different materials to meet different application scenarios.

KPS pumps have 40 sizes, with different trimming impellers and running at different speed, KPS can supply several hundreds of options for customer’s requirements.
Suction and Discharge Diameters: Suction 150~1200mm, Discharge 100~1000mm
Capacity: up to 18000m3/h( 50Hz )
Head: up to 150m( 50Hz)
Max. Working pressure(20 ºC)
    1.0 MPa    For Nominal Head <95m
    1.6 MPa    For 95m<=Nominal Head <130m
    2.5 MPa    For 130m<=Nominal Head (Max. working pressure=Suction pressure+ Shut-off head)
Medium temperature: -15 ºC~105 ºC, please specify when temperature exceeds 80 ºC.

Current position: Home > Products > General Purpose Surface Pumps

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