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Chinese New Year Order

Pls be informed that Chinese New Year official holiday is 7 days from Feb. 4 to 12, 2019, but for most of the factory will close from Jan. 26 to Feb. 12, 2019. Some of the factory may close from Jan. 26 to Feb. 19, 2019. Even opened after holiday, because of shortage of workers, the production will be in low level. Some workers may leave the factory after holiday. Some workers may come back late and slowly because those workers come from other province, they will take more leaves and need more time stay with family. So for most of the factory, at least one month will be in the low level production and half month closed.


On the other hand, almost all the customers need their order shipped before long term holiday, as per our experience, you are kindly requested to schedule your Chinese New Year Order as per following requirements:


Latest day to place order which will plan to be shipped before Chinese New Year holiday:  Nov. 20, 2018


Latest Shipment Date before Chinese New Year Holiday: Jan. 25, 2019.


The Earliest Date to make shipment after holiday(stock available): Feb. 20, 2019


The Earliest Shipment Date for order placed in Dec. of 2018: March of 2019


The Earliest Shipment Date for order placed in Jan. of 2019: April or May of 2019


Pls schedule your order accordingly and to avoid any delay or shortage.


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